Our two families have an incredible opportunity.

We can impact the world we live in for the better. Rather than create something from scratch and risk simply reĀ­inventing the wheel, we are committed to seeking out the talented changeĀ­makers already at work in the world around us. With their passion and drive and our support, we can fight for a better world for our children. For all of us. And we do so with an eye to the causes that have given meaning and value to our own lives: education and the arts, veteran affairs, the environment, and the myriad places where those causes intersect.


We encourage innovation, competition, and results through the funding of dedicated prizes throughout the year. We seek to drive change and motivate the change makers by financially recognizing excellence and dedication.


We believe in education as a catalyst for growth. Our family is actively creating educational opportunities in our communities by supporting lasting endowed scholarships to organizations that share our mission and values.


We are looking for people and teams who can make a difference. We seek to further their efforts through direct financial grants and engaged philanthropy. Our goal is to support change makers with compelling visions and teams.