American University of Iraq Blake and Bailey Scholarship


The Blake and Bailey Family Fund is proud to announce our support for the American University of Iraq (AUIS). The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani was established to reform higher education in the country of Iraq. AUIS prepares its graduates for a rapidly changing economy and globalized society by offering an American-style, comprehensive education. At AUIS, students are required to have excellent language skills which they develop in the Academic Preparatory Program, where learning how to read and write in English is juxtaposed with learning student success skills. Students enrolled in the undergraduate program receive education in disciplines ranging from effective persuasive writing to the scientific method to statistics – and competent in a specialization – from management to construction engineering to web systems. This liberal style of education with multi-disciplinary courses fosters creativity, critical thinking and a greater knowledge of the world.


The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded in the fall of each year to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement and university spirit. The $1,000 scholarship provides support for tuition feeshousing and course-related expenses.

Initial Selection: At the beginning of the fall semester the Registrar will identify the student with the highest cumulative grade point average in each of the University’s academic majors who:

  • Has a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 30 credits remaining to graduate.  
  • Is not already receiving any other sponsorship or scholarship.
  • Has no academic strikes.

Blake and Bailey Family Achievement Award: Assuming satisfactory completion of their studies, at the next Commencement these students will be presented with certificates naming them as winners of the Blake and Bailey Family Achievement Award.

The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship: Based on student essays, University service, financial need and other information, a selection committee comprised of faculty and staff will award the Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship to one of these students. The winner of the Scholarship will be named in the Commencement program.


The announcement was made at an event hosted in the honor of Mr. Blake by the American University of Iraq Foundation (“Foundation”) in Washington D.C.  The ceremony was attended by Foundation Board members, AUIS President Bruce W. Ferguson, and AUIS alumni, friends and supporters.  The new Scholarship Fund will be maintained at the Foundation, the University’s primary U.S. fundraising affiliate.

In his remarks, Mr. Blake observed: “As an American soldier overseas I fell in love with the country, culture, and people of Iraq. We are honored to be able to provide for their continued success and noble achievements though the endowment of this scholarship fund. Our hope is that through the creation of educational opportunities for future generations of Iraqi leaders and scholars we may in some small way give back to a society that has placed so much faith in the United States of America.”

Speaking at the occasion, President Ferguson said, “We are very grateful to the Blake family for their generous support of our students. Donations like this make our mission at AUIS possible. We hope this gift will inspire others to support an institution that is striving to educate the next generation of leaders in Iraq and its Kurdistan Region.