The Blake and Bailey Family Fund proudly supports The Launch Pad

The Blake and Bailey Family Fund is very proud to announce a grant supporting the great work happening at the Launch Pad in Atlanta, Ga.



The Launch Pad is a program designed to help people and communities become self-sufficient. Five participants are selected each year, by a team of coaches. Participants in the program are interviewed and selected based on a series of criteria. Once selected, the participants are mentored, given 12 months rent-free fully furnished housing, weekly classes, homework assignments and are required to actively participate in improving their new community. During the 12 months, each participant will be working towards their short-term goals established at the beginning of the program. Upon successful completion of The Launch Pad, the participants will graduate and a new set of participants will enter the program.

The Launch Pad found Kenny Hill was recently profiled in an episode of Crazy Good Turns. Listen to it here.